Gölyazı Village

Directions 37,6 Kilometer

Gölyazı, Nilüfer, Uluabat on the Bursa-İzmir highway "" (Apollont lake) "" a small peninsula was established along the coast. It goes back to the Roman period. It is possible to see the remains from the Roman period in the basic stones of the houses. Historical and geographical original features. It is known as the center of Apollo Kingdom. The main source of livelihood is fishing today FISHING Alm. Fischereigewerbe (n), Fr. Péche, Eng. Fishing. The hunting, breeding, trading and evaluation of fish products of all kinds of fish in the water. Since ancient times fishing has been developed to meet people's food needs, from hand-holding to modern fishing technology. As an amateur sport, many people are busy with it today. Read more of the blessings on the water (new window opens) And olive farming.