Inkaya Sycamore

Directions 7,5 Kilometer

The sycamore tree which gave its name to the Oyukcinar Neighborhood at the North of Bursa was Turkey’s largest tree with its 18.2 meters body width. Halkali (ringed) and Dudakli (labiates) Sycamore along with the Kiremitci Sycamore that the storks nest in every year are all Bursa Sycamores that are in the same age as the Ottoman Empire. At Cekirge, in the Inkaya village located across the Uludag road, a 598 year old sycamore with the same name is very well known around the world. The sycamore that received its name from the Inkaya Village which is one of the first villages of the Ottoman Empire located across the Uludag road has 13 main branches. The height of the ‘’Inkaya Sycamore’’ is 35 meters. It’s one of the oldest trees in Turkey with the thickness its branches at 3-4 meters and its frame at 9.2 meters.