The Cocoon Han

Directions 2,7 Kilometer

The han was erected in 1492 by Bayezid II in order to assure income for his mosque and madrasa in construction in Istanbul. The architect of the han is Abdül-ula Bin Pulad Shah. Koza Han has two-storeys. There are 50 rooms on the top floor and 45 on the ground floor. The main northern door made of stone is exquisitely decorated with carvings in relief

On the top floor, there is a door opening to the south, a large door opening to additional doors in the courtyard, and from there a wide door facing the direction of the Orhan Mosque. In the center of the spacious interior courtyard, there is a masjid (small mosque). The masjid has eight facades and is set on eight corner pillars and one center pillar. The lower part constitutes an ablution fountain. Today, Koza Han is the center of renowned silkmanship of Bursa. Source : Bursa Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism